Collective workshops presentation


Through this artistic gesture, our desire is to demonstrate, in this individualistic era, that the collective is bearer of aesthetics and hope. Collective mosaic mural has become the perfect excuse for us to meet, create, confront, and reflect and to respect others.

This activity allows its participants to go beyond their comfort zone in order to create a piece of art that exceeds their individuality and to discover the power of a group. Each person's commitment is respected; each piece expresses intent, materialising the individual decision to participate in the collective.

The members of Atelier Phébus vouch for the collective initial idea and its implementation in order to make the experience enjoyable for all. Their knowledge in terms of community, technique and supplies allow for the artistic encounter to readily take place in a calm, discovery-oriented climate.

The collective mosaic workshops are available for schools, businesses or families. Join forces around a collective project and participate in making a mosaic mural of impressive size.