Société de développement des entreprises culturelles 2016 Professional Member - SAMA - Society of American Mosaic Artists

About Us

Atelier Phébus

From 2003 and on, we chose to explore this old-age art form with audacy and hunger.


A sinuous and consistent path as well as a journey through art history, architecture, philosophy, interior design and other ventures, brought us a strong desire to work together at pasting scattered pieces to create our lifetime master piece. Although both of us is singular in stylistics, we are plural in art linked by a solid bond: the need for equilibrium, harmony, and above all, pleasure. Our work is an expression that leaves space for vision, critical thinking, flirting with a lovingly type of approach, a move, vitality and/or hope.


We use ceramic, glass, mirror, smalti, buttons and a variety of strange disconnected bits and pieces found here and there. The variety of the textured colors makes us vibrate and our curiosity brings us to discover a great variety of material, essential to creation. From expressive textiles, urban layouts, the luxuriant, fascinating and magnificent variety of human creativity as such do inspire us. Nature and symbols touch particularly Dominique, bringing serenity to her work. As for Mathieu, entertaining positive characters allow him to express his questionings as he explores the inherent rhythmicity of the creation process.


Our artistic gesture is slow paced and ruled by the medium used, finding a more steady rhythm, getting close to a meditative one, forcing doubts and reflexion. One move… one tesserae, celebrating time passing by.


Mathieu Bergeron and Dominique Côté